Vintage Speakers

Vintage Speakers

AX3 (left) and AX5 Tower Speakers

Do you have Axiom Speakers from the late 80s and early 90s? lf so, this section is for you! Click on the links below to see pictures from the early Axiom brochures for those speakers.

AX Towers - Award-Winning AX5 and AX3

AX Home Theater Speakers - The AX120 Subwoofer, AX1.2 Bookshelf Speaker, and the AX1.2 Center Channel as Part of the AX 1.2 Speaker System. Also the AX1 Speaker system, consisting of the AX500 Subwoofer, The AX1 Bookshelf, and the AX1 CenterChannel

The Award-winning AX1.5 Speaker family - the AX1.5, the AX1.5 Bookshelf, and the AX150 Subwoofer

The AX2 Speaker Family - AX2, AX2 Bookshelf, and AX 2+2

See the Awards these speakers won.

See the specs here.

Download a collection of brochures and awards sent in by a customer from British Columbia, Canada, here:

Vintage Collection 1

Vintage Collection 2

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