Hello all,

I have been considering an upgrade of my Axioms in Boston Cherry to one of the VaSSallo Series wood veneers. I'm down to two choices, and thought I'd ask your opinion.

One option is to go with Cherry Natural that is similar to the finish work in the room, so that the speakers blend in with the room more; or the other option is to totally contrast the room and go with Rosewood.

Here's the room and the current speakers (M80s, VP150, EP500s, and QS8s):

Here are samples of the two finish options - Cherry Natural (Left) Rosewood (Right):

I would appreciate the opinions of such a well respected forum.

Thank you,

Which finish do you prefer for the room?
Only one choice allowed (70 total votes)
Cherry Natural Finish - 35 (50%)
Rosewood Finish - 35 (50%)
Voting on this poll ends: 08/17/06 02:00 PM

M80s VP150 QS8s EP500s