Yeah, I was a little bummed that we lost- but hey it went down to the last play and the last few seconds of the game! (even if it was a hail-mary attempt at a win)

I think gundy made a coaching error when he didn't call a time out to come up with a good game plan at 4th and 7 with a minute or so left. I mean, why would Zac Robinson pass the ball to the LINE OF SCRIMAGE on 4th and 7? o well...

I was surprised we actually stopped texas on the 1 yard line on their last drive and gave us at least a chance to come back. Plus we scored the same number of rushing touchdowns against texas as all of the previous 7 teams combined (only 2), and we managed to force colt to throw his 1st interception at a home game all season (in 170+ pass attempts).

hey, 7-1 is nothing to complain about when it comes to the cowboys \:\)

Now I need The longhorns to lose to texas tech, and texas A&M (yeah right)... Then OSU has to beat texas tech and OU and we can still be the big 12 champions. Now doesn't that sound simple?