No, you wouldn't be disappointed with the M60s, it is just a matter of preference and getting all that you can for the money paid, the M60s and M80s offer both, I just feel the M80s offer a little more and are worth it.

For an avr, the 3808 is the defacto standard around here to drive the M80s. For seperates, you have a number of choices including Emotiva as there are few on their forum running XPA's with no problems. I have my eye on the Outlaw series of products, in particular the M2200 a pair of them to drive the M80s and leave the Denon to deal with the rest, or possibly a trio of them for the front.

M80 v2
VP160 v3
QS8 v2
PB13 Ultra
Denon 3808
Samsung 85" Q70