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We had a blast (or at least I did!)

For aesthetic reasons, we'd moved the TV and equipment into a corner. Granted it does look a bit better, but with Jim's visit, I moved it back out of the corner to really hear what the difference was. It's staying out of the corner, aesthetics be damned. \:\)

I've not had much time to focus on getting everything setup properly, but most everything is pretty good now. I think I may need to play with the surround settings, but at least everything else is working nicely now.

Jim's visit prompted me to finally get off my duff and figure out the media sharing features of the PS3. I have had it working so-so for awhile, but it always had some bugs. I downloaded Twonky and moved the hard drive that held all of our music into my newest PC, and bam! It's all working. Now I not only have my mp3's working out in the living room, I've got all of our pictures, and video files as well. Yeah, that means all the downloaded porn works in the living room as well! Who could ask for more? PS3 rocks!

Next up...figuring out how to rip my entire DVD collection so I can use the PS3 to view all my movies as well. \:\)

Anyway...thanks for stopping by Jim! I'm glad I could help you out!

Oh...and from the room size you described to me, I think the M60's are your best bet. If it were me, I'd get the M60's and pay a bit extra for a custom real wood finish. \:\)

Craig - glad you are enjoying the PS3!

Couple of thoughts (this may be redundant to another posts I have done).
1) I got a D-Link (powered) 8 port USB hub and plugged it into a port on the PS3. Moved my pics and music to a 320GB external drive. Works a treat and gets the PC (and the aggravation of Twonky/Tversity and network issues out of the mix.)

2) Along the same lines, I am in the process of moving my DVDs to an external 750GB. This thread is the best one I found and goes into substantial detail on the process of moving DVDs to a hard drive.

NOTE: Once you get the DVDs onto an external drive, you need to allow everything to set itself up for a few minutes after you turn it on. The DVDs won't show up instantly.

Final suggestion. While it's a little pricey, this PS31r-PRO is a great solution. You can use your IR remote to operate your equipment. Your remote will use PS2 commands to operate the PS3 throught the Shmartz unit and the Shmartz unit includes ON and OFF commands in it's software. Wonderful stuff.