Jim - I did the exact same thing you did. Auditioned the 60s, loved them and figured that for the "little" extra money, why not go all in? Knowing myself, I knew I'd always ask "what if" if I didn't get the best floorstander in Axiom's line up.

Since you've heard the 60s, you know you'll be happy with them, so it comes down to knowing yourself and considering whether you'll have the upgrade bug in the near future or not. If you don't have the same addiction that many of us do, go for the 60s and you'll never look back (and you'll still impress all of your friends with how amazing your setup sounds for what you paid). If you don't have that level of self-control, you're not alone, and it's easier to go for the 80s now than to upgrade in the near future.

Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed the audition and are on the path to joining the Axiom club. \:\)


Epic 80-800: HG Cherry