Hi: I rarely get irked enough by people like EJB to respond(I could be very creative coming up with what those initials stand for \:\) but I won't) but I had to respond to his comments .I've had the pleasure to meet Alan a few times when he was one of the editor's of the old Canadian version of "Sound & Vision"magazine so I think someone who has several decades of audio experience knows from were he speaks!!! I've always found Alan to be unbiased and informative, but most important very helpful in my decision making process about audio/video purchases.It is one thing to disagree with someone's opinion but implied personal attacks(however subtle they may be is bull%#$).By the way where are you hiding after so many people have rebuffed your comments EJB???? There I feel better I'm off to listen to my "Best" M-60's everyone have a great night!
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