It does indeed bring me deep satisfaction to know that another QS8 will make it safely through another night! \:D

And btw I'm not attempting to flame the bracket system here at all as I feel it's much preferable to any of the aftermarket brackets I looked at (didn't even know they came with their own mounting brackets, I had a pair of wall mount brackets all ready to go when I opened the boxes and was pleasantly surprised to see the flush mount brackes included!!!). In fact I place the majority of the blame on the wire I was working with. I used 12 guage wire from momo price. It is fairly thick & stiff, and where I drilled the hole made moving it around just a bit trickier than I had anticipated. But it's still great wire for a very good price, just a bit more involving when working with it.

And for those who caught it, sorry... I don't have any prototype QS9's to boast about. \:\(

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