I like the idea of the m60 in-cabinet design. I might be unusual, but I have spare space behind my "tv-wall" and wouldn't hesitate to flush mount an in-cabinet design through the wall and have the back side sticking its butt into the other room.

(WAF, and a narrowish viewing room, keep me from being able to put actual floor standing units on each side of the TV.)

But what I'd really like to do is, instead of a m60, put an in-cabinet m22 in..

Presently, I have w22s... they are nice, but I'm looking for a little more and I think the full enclosure that an in-cabinet would allow for would be ideal for me.

I imagine the fact the m22's are rear ported is what's keeping them out of the in-cabinet line up... but does anyone think they will at some point be offered?