Hey all,

Just got the SMS-1 yesterday from amazon and tonight I had a chance to play with it. It's really a fantastic tool for the money. It has made a big difference in my room. I never realized what I have been missing.

The bass in music is much more defined, even my wife noticed it. I can now hear the bass notes being plucked. Response is quick and tight. Everything is more even now.

The cool thing is it's all in real time, you can move the mic around the room, or the subs (I have 2 subs) and see in real time what effect each move/location has. Just press one button on the remote and you can hear with / without eq. There's so much more to dig into...I have only scratched the surface.

Below are the before and after pics, as you can see from the before pic, my room has some serious issues, peaks and dips galore. This was alot cheaper than room treatments and I don't think the wife would tolerate huge panels and bass traps in the main living room.

Once I eq'd each sub separately, I then eq'd them together. Then ran MCACC and did some final tweaks. So far I'm thrilled with the results.



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