I like the manual control you have over it with the SMS-1. I kind of wish I had some control over the SVS AS-EQ1. What I really want more than manual control, though, is one that can handle four subs and use XLR connections. I know balanced cables aren't supposed to do anything for me at the distances my cable runs will be, but I like the way the connections click in versus RCA's less elegant approach, plus it would leave the RCA out on my preamp free for use with the Buttkicker LFE kit, if I end up getting that. The AS-EQ 1 can handle four subs, of course, with splitters, but it would be nice if each sub was corrected individually. Still, I want all of this, plus manual controls, all as part of my preamp's native processing. And the unit should be less than $2000, of course.