I was looking over your results which look good, and thought I'd offer a suggestion. I see that you have boosted 3 of the filters 5-6db. Despite how it looks, boosting nulls is rarely beneficial and such large boosts can add ringing, and make for very uneven bass outside the sweet spot. You may get better overall results by restricting your boosts to no more than 3db. In other words you may get better sound across the room by giving up some linearity at the microphone placement.

Also I note that the EP350 rolls off at 28hz anechoic so boosting below at 20hz doesn't give you much output for the cost of additional harmonic distortion. An alternative would be to keep experimenting with placement to see where you can get more output in the low bass then equalize.

SMS is a terrific tool for the price, even though there are now newer products which supposedly address time domain (ringing) as well as frequency response.