Lol, I guess I should have my head checked for tying religion into this discussion. But I wasn't so much talking about the belief in God as I was talking about the accounts people give about feeling God enter their lives when they open their heart to Jesus and what not. I've heard people explain it almost like a heroin hit entering the blood stream, filtering throughout their entire body, taking every worry away, and feeling the spirit of God enter their body. There is no scientific data that can prove Jesus has entered your body, yet millions of followers will swear they've felt his presence.

My analogy was that to me this seems similar to those who hook up a McIntosh amplifier to their speakers and then swear they can hear differences in the music. Differences that can't be measured by a microphone, differences that scientific data shows does not exist, but they will swear by it anyway.

Now whether or not THE Jesus Christ who was born over 2000 years ago and walked this earth was the son of God or not is a subject I'm not about to attempt to discuss here. And indeed wouldn't have anything to do with this thread in any way shape or form. It was the similarity of those that have some sense of something that science can not seem to measure that I was referring to, not religion as a whole.

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