Wow, I was just kidding around, but that is quite surprising I must say. Don't get me wrong I thnk Western Alberta is absolutely gorgeous in the summer, what with the mountians and all the beautiful colors from the different crops, etc... But my 5 years there went a little something like this : 3 months of really nice spring weather followed by 9 months of some of the most brutal winter weather known to man. Perfect climate for up and coming Hockey players, not so great for motorcycle enthusiasts like myself though.

But then again I lived there in the 70's, perhaps that was a bad time to live in Alberta? I would love to have a summer home there if I were a rich man, but I'll skip the 4 to 6 FEET of snow in the winter thank you very much.

It would seem someone used to a climate like the Philipeans wouldn't know what to do with themselves in Alberta in January. But I guess it can happen. ;\)

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