well I think the ponit was lost, there is no question about price ponits and just buying a name Bryston, Mcintosh are great if you have a speaker that needs that push but they cost a lot are they worth it? I don't think all electronics are created equal, there are things that my Integra receiver does better than my Rotel processor and vice versa as far as power 90 watts 120 watts not much difference on axiom speakres the difference is the control unit Integra/Rotel as far as one playing louder no, movies or music no. Now my ATC SCM 40's the Rotel did not push them it clipped the Rotel. I went with a MMC-5 @ 220 watts per channel and now the ATC's sing and no clipping and the sound yeah way better, so yes there is a place and a need for seperate power supply. Not all speakers are created equal either, that is what makes the Axioms great you don't need a lot of power to make them roll as far as the war on Receiver or Seperates I think it depends on what makes you happy I enjoy both besides it all about the sound and the enjoyment of music not the equipment, this hobby is as addicting as hookers and blow there is always better out there so enjoy.