Thank you very much for all the feedback. I have a few musings below:

We do have packaging and cartons available to purchase for anyone who does not have their original packaging. This of course only helps if you are selling an Axiom product. We are planning on launching a page soon that will have for sale most of our parts; this seems like the perfect place to have available all the cartons and packaging.

There is always a risk of damage in freight. Insuring the shipments can help but the packaging needs to be proper or the claim will just be refused by the courier company.

The thought was to launch this program along side the current factory outlet. You would have a choice of buying seconds the way it works now or going into the auction area to see about getting an even better deal and getting it faster. The trade-up program we have been using will not be available any longer.

Grunt was wondering if there could be abuse by doing a fake sale to a friend. I have been trying to figure out the math on how this would be possible but I can’t get there. It has made me realize however that we need to be clearer on a few of our points: it is the winning bid amount that is received in Axiom Dollars and Axiom Dollars cannot be used to buy another item offered by a 3rd party seller in the auction area. The Axiom Dollars only become available after the 1 week has passed where the buyer has the option to return the product to the seller.
Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer