A few weeks ago, someone posted a link to a photo of a man's gravestone. The engravings depicted a R & R band on a stage along the entire top of the stone. Below that, it listed every band that dweeb had seen in concert.

As I stopped by the "monument store" this week to pay for a cleaning (my dentist has gotten way too expensive and the gravestone guys have teeny tiny power washing equipment), that image came immediately to mind. On the drive home I composed my own, though I doubt it'll all fit on a rusty Chock Full o' Nuts can. Oh, the 45 or so characters I had lasered onto the family stone cost over $600, so this guy's survivors spent many thousands on that thing. THIS dweeb has seen, in no order whatsoever:

Spirit, James Talyor, The Mothers w/ Flo and Eddie, Led Zep, Mott the Hoople, Ten Years After, Poco, Van Morrison, The Who (w/ Keith), Genesis (w/ PG), Frampton (before he came alive), Humble Pie, Foghat, The Faces w/ Rod, Argent, Bad Co., Free, Jeff Beck, Delaney & Bonnie w/ Clapton, Yes, ELP, Elvis C., Cars, Geils, Aero, Bonnie Raitt, John Cale, Todd w/ and w/o Utopia, The Tubes, Jesse Colin Young w/ Charlie Daniels (in a bar), NY Dolls, Patti Smith, Television, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee, Jimmy Smith, Fleetwood Mac (w/ no women), Louis Belson, Buddy Rich, Mahavishnu, Kinks, Gary Burton, MC5, Larry Coryell, 3 Dog Night, Four Seasons, CSN, CSN & Y, both Winters, B52's, Chick Corea, Yo Yo Ma (what?), Cheap Trick, Queen, Captain Beefheart, Lee Michaels, The Stranglers, George Benson (before he starting singing, too), Don McLean, The Police, Mountain, Dead Kennedys, The Rembrandts, Linda Ronstadt, The James Gang, Robert Palmer, to name a few ;\)

And tons of one-album-only artists no one heard of even then. Oh, and a few C & W acts I saw by accident. I guess, if I have to be old now to have been there then, it was worth the tinitis.

That's my story and I'm goin' with it. And yours?

Always call the place you live a house. When you're old, everyone else will call it a home.