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I have never listened to the HD555 but the Sony MDR-7506 are not gonna "blow you away". They are a closed reference level studio monitor that have a dead accurate response. Its not going to be a "fun" or "exciting" headphone, its just going to be neutral. The 7506 is pretty much the most commonly used headphone in radio and professional studio applications. Why? Because of the neutrality and they are cheap (cost that is).

Well, the neutrality is one of the major reasons to like Axiom, right? Or are you saying that closed headphones are basically like listening to Axiom loudspeakers in an anechoic chamber, and that it's the room interactions that give my speakers their life?

Upon further listening with both pairs of headphones, I think the Sennheisers edge out the Sonys in clarity and openness. Sometimes the Sonys make the vocals more prominent, though, which can be beneficial. For now I'm favoring the Sennheisers, but that can change depending on the track. I still like both pairs, but I'm curious to try more expensive offerings at some point.

Its mostly due to the closed nature of the design. There is just something unnatural about the experience though it is needed at times. When looking at similar priced open and closed models, the closed models usually have a narrower limited soundstage with a more in your head and "boxed in" sound. While they will sound great like the 7506 its not gonna blow you away for casual music listening. Now what doesn't help with closed headphones is they need to make a tight seal with your ears so many experience "clamping" sensations and other comfort issues which can also detract from the experience. Well designed open headphones like many of the open circumaural designs have a more well open, airy and natural sound characteristics as well as being more comfortable. There are exceptions of course.
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