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It’s the night after I do my long run so my body is wasted.

How long is your long run these days? Aren't you the guy who has done ultramarathons?

This time of year a 20-25 miles on the flat is a really long run, which I’ve only done once this month due to temperature. Like last Friday when I went out to run it was 117F. I did 5 miles and nearly died. Typically at work I run 2-4 miles depending on how much time I have and since I‘m usually running around 3-4PM.

Like yesterday my car pool buddy and I ran about 4 miles along the Salt River’s Rio Salado Project:


Today we did the Mormon Trail, Mormon Loop, Javelina Canyon Trail and back around on the flat but it was cooler,100F-90F range, and overcast.


Although the temperature is rough the worst part is actually the sun beating down on you. I can almost double my distance at a given temperature if the sun is obscured.

I do have to watch my distances on work days because I’m running on my exercise time and usually have to go back to work on the flight line. We were only able to do the mountain today because we knew that the night mission was going to weather cancel which happens a lot this time of year. Gotta love a job that pays you to keep in shape.

I don’t feel like an ulra-runner right now. The last ultra-distance I did was 50K back in May.

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