I had asthma as a kid so id didn’t run much early on. I didn’t start running until my freshman year of high school in the mid 70s. I got my start running the mile and a half home from school. It was a contest with my friend John with whom I shared a last period German class. I would take off straight from class and he would go grab his bike and catch up with me. It was always a contest to see how far I could get before he caught up. I’ve run all my life since then except when I had a broken leg.

My first “Ultra Run“ was an accident. I ran the first leg of a 50 mile relay but was a much better runner than the second guy so he asked me to pace him on the second leg. Then the other guys started egging me on and next thing I know I had run all 50 miles. I was totally hooked. It’s not like I hadn’t done a few 50 mile forced marches before that anyway.

I use running as a recreational drug. Running mellows me out otherwise I’m normally like “The Great Cornholio.” I would run before going on a date, before giving a speech or a job interview as a way of self medicating. Except when it’s to hot to run fast I can induce a runner’s high almost any time I want. So in many ways running a an addiction for me. Without it I feel like crap, can’t sleep, almost put pick-axes through the heads of A-holes who try to cut in front of me in line a Home Depot (came close until he understood I would really do it). So I’ll run at least until I don’t have a job that requires piss testing, cause there’s easier ways to release cannabinoids into my brain. wink

If you do want to start running more the best thing you can do is just start going out and doing it.

First get a checkup if you haven’t seen doctor in awhile. Get the right running shoes for you. A workout partner can be very helpful in keeping you motivated even on days you might not want to run. I generally prefer to run alone but have been running with my car pool buddy because of a new stupid rule that if it’s over 100F you have to have a partner to exercise outdoors on government time. I’m seeking a waiver since I haven’t died doing it in the last 35 + years but it’s your government were talking about here. Besides at these temperatures I’m not running that fast anyway and having a hot little 22 year old to run with isn’t all bad. wink

Clubs can also be fun if you want running to be social. The Hash House Harriers is a great club (I do enjoy hash runs) if you enjoy or want to enjoy running and drinking beer. Because of the nature of a “Hash” having false trails the lead runners are always getting sidetracked so slower runners are never left far behind. Also at most Hashes competitive running is punished.

You may or may not be able to achieve a “runner’s high,” not everyone can. But if you are inclined to try this guide might help:

Runner's High

Also if you do try to take up running get fitted for a good pair of shoes that are right for your feet/gait. Dropping weight which often comes with running also makes running easier. If you haven’t been taught how to run before then it wouldn’t hurt to find someone to coach you. Good running is not as simple as putting one foot in front of another.

Keep I mind running is not for everyone. You might find your body won’t tolerate it. But if you get proper shoes, learn to run correctly, drop some weight if needed, find interesting places to run, listen to music (I hate that the most), meditate (I often chant mantras while I run, especially when it get very painful), find a partner/club can all help change running from a chore to something fun.

On On!

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