I was looking at Bose, just going from a HTIB. I listened to the Bose Acoustimas 10 in a store and didn't like them. They sounded shrill and rasping to my ears. So, I got online and googled for audiophile speakers. Axiom Audio is the first one that came up, that I clicked on anyway. The price was higher that I was willing to pay at the time. I was also building a new PC and was looking for high(er) end speakers than what I had. Almost bought the Audiobytes, but I already spent $2k on it and decided to just live with what I already had. Later I ordered a pair of bookshelf M22 v2 and was satisfied with their sound. Then purchased the on-wall version and was not so satisfied. I wish I had returned them, but it took me much too long to make up my mind about them. I will be buying more Axiom speakers, but the bookshelf and/or tower versions only.