I asked these question in my other thread but they were kind of off topic so..

1.About room sound...
a) what kind of carpet and where to buy
b) do acoustic curtains really work?

The reason I ask about the acoustic curtains is that I want to close off the home theatre room and the kitchen area (see pics) with them when watching a movie or a game.

2.About rears for the home theatre - room is fairly big: 25'x12' but as I mentioned: I want to have acoustic curtains cut the room in two at 14' should I go with rears to go with the epic80 then?

ok... how do I add pics to a post?? lol
Thanks in advance.

- Majik

Epic 80 system
Ep 800
Denon 3808
Optoma HD20
extra QS8s (to come soon)