I don't have a good place for one, but I still have the itch to poke into projector-land.

So, first rule is that I want to do this on the cheap. I'm not looking for my "final" projector, or even necessarily one for a permanent installation. Still, would like to minimize the suck if possible.

I was thinking... (three scariest words in the English language when uttered by a spouse)

If I assume I will need to buy a new bulb, does it make sense to look into used 720p projectors? If so, do you have models or markets to suggest?

OR by the time I factor in cost, bulb, shipping, uncertainty, etc. am I just better off getting a new, cheap 720p or even 1080 model?

I have a 61" RPTV, so the projector wouldn't be the primary display, and I'd probably be headed for a ~120" projected image to make it worth while. I'd do a DIY screen.


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