Hello folks, got a question. As I stated in a few other posts, I recently setup a Axiom on-wall setup and I love it (M22's, VP150 and QS8's). I know the on walls aren't axioms most popular/best speakers but they accommodate my setup perfectly. I think they look and sound fantastic.

I have never heard any other speakers from Axiom to compare too, but I hear/read that the lows/mids from the on walls isn't quite on par with the bookshelves. True or false?

I am just curious where you "on wall" guys have your crossover settings? Right now I have everything crossed over at 100hz. With my old setup I crossed over at 80hz and it seemed to "blend a little better with the sub. Are the on walls flat down to 80hz or should I continue to use the 100hz?

info on the on wall stuff is kind of hard to come by. So thanks for any info!