Whew...I was considering upgrading my SQ and running some REW sweeps. In the back of my mind I always wonder what if? Your post below kinda put my mind to rest on the embarking task I was about to undertake. cool

Thanks, Bill.... smile

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Tony, you can test and tweak and drive your self crazy. I've spent countless hours using the real traps sweeps in 1hz increments, REW, SMS-1, filled the room with bass traps and acoustic panels (gave me the most improvement), etc.. All of these things help to a point. But, unless your using multiple subs placed correctly on opposite walls, your not going to accomplish a lot in flattening the frequency for all seating locations. Sure, you might make a difference in your primary seat, but as soon as you move a foot in either direction, or move your sub a bit, it will sound totally different. If you only have 1 sub, I would say place it close to a corner that is furthest from the largest opening of your room into the rest of the house and enjoy your Axioms.

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