Hello fellow Axiom enthusiasts. I could really use some advice with a project I am seriously contemplating. I am currently running an Epic 60 system with the EP 500. Very happy with this setup for a few years now. Dennon 3808 powers all speakers.

I also have a very stout 15" Stereo Integrity MagD2 subwoofer that I previously used in my car. The sub sounds amazing in the car in a 3cf^3 sealed enclosure. After consulting the owner of the company about integrating the EP500 and the SI sub his responce was" I wouldn't run 2 different subs because you'll end up with 2 different sounding subs playing at the same time."You'll end up having 2 different f3s so one sub will loose output while the other sub is still playing."

I was wondering if there was an aux output from the sub channel of the EP 500 to drive additional amps and subs with the same processor functions. I was looking to enclose the SI magD2 in a 3.5cf^3 ported enclosure, and use it for below 60Hz and have a very strong 2.5 octaves of deep bass. The amp I would like to use for the SI MagD2 is a Dayton SA 1000 subwoofer amp.http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=300-811 The specs on the SI Mag D2 are 3.7 4 4.6 29.6 4.38 0.41 0.379 21.5 227 147 810 24 1000 91.5 I could really use some of your expert opinions here. Thank you for any replies