Once the M80's get here the old Polks will go upstairs. the living room is just torn apart right now as everything is getting painted, and the old rug is going to get ripped out, and some type of wood flooring is going in. There is a fireplace, which sits in the middle of the 1 wall, with a pretty big mattle and sits pretty high. The wife origanally wanted the 50" plasma to sit above the fireplace. Which would pretty much kill any center channel speaker.

Now to be honest, i had an old system from the late 80's, 4 speaker deal, Sony amp. It drove me nuts, as i had to sit with the volume control, turn it up and down all the time to hear the dialoge, then turn it down when i got blasted with music, or whatever else. Basically i stopped using it after a while, drove me nuts. Now I assume things have gotten alot better.

My wife would like to try the multi speaker setup...note the word TRY. Now i may be able to talk her out of the over the mattle placement as it's too high for my likeing anyway. Then place it on a sidewall. So i could put a VP100 under the plasma. I have an old set of Advent (large) studio monitors for the back speakers. So i'm just looking for a fairly cheap 5.1 amp to handle this. I was looking at a Yamaha V465 amp. Anybody have any better ideas on this?

Is there still the problem with volume, as you constantly have to play with it? It also would really only be used for blueray movies anyway.
Thanks for any input.