Thanks for the info guys. I have tried to tell her, that altho the TV above the fireplace, may "LOOK" nice....Nobody is going like trying to watch a movie, with the TV that high.

Unfortunatly the living room is very open. There is not alot of usable wall space sort of speak, as it flows into an eatin area.
The sad part is, with the tv over the fireplace, the speaker placement would be perfect. There are front and back wall the speakers would be sitting on, and you would be sitting right in the middle of a 17' wide room, so for sound it would be great, to watch the TV may be misarable.

The side wall is not very big, it's about 3 feet, then there is a half height railing, that "defines" the eatin area from the living room. So i may have to go with a set of M2's on stands, but again, 1 would at least have a back wall, the other would just be hanging out, in nomans land. Probably not the best thing, sound wise.( would probably look pretty bad also)

neither position is wonderful, probably why you see alot of TV's over the fireplace in these large "open concept" rooms. Just really no other place to put them. The only thing i could think of would be to basically put the TV just about sitting on the mantel, your sitting position would be a good 10 feet away, and with recliners.....MAY, MAY be passable.