When a projector bulb goes, is the projector or TV pretty unresponsive. Like for example, even if you try to turn it on there is no indicator light or anything (obviously there can't be an picture)? The reason I ask, is my father-in-law has a Hitachi rear projection TV. He said that he didn't have a picture, so the first thought that I had was that the bulb needed to be replaced. He has had the TV for about 7 or 8 years and never replaced the bulb. I tried telling him that there was a bulb but be didn't seem to believe me. Anyways, he also said that there is no indicator light or anything on the front of the TV when you try to turn the power on. I suggested that he look for trouble shooting in the manual and if there isn't anything easy, then try to call Hitachi. He talked with a friend of his who suggested to just get a new TV, so he did.

This thread has just reminded me of this issue, since it was something pretty recent for my father-in-law and I'm still curious as to what the real problem was. Do you think that it was just the bulb? Or maybe a fuse? Or maybe something more difficult to fix?