... I put my speakers behind an acoustically transparent false wall, but don't have an acoustically transparent screen?

OK. That was a bit general. The screen I was looking at was a good AT screen, but the maximum gain I can get is 1.2 with a woven screen. A lot of people are jumping to HP (High Power not Hewlett Packard) screens with 2.5 - 2.8 gain. While I don't think that I want to go that high due to view angle issues, something around 2.0 would be great. Of course, nothing acoustically transparent is that high.

So that is one piece.

The next factor is that I really WANT a false wall to hide the two subs and front speakers. Nothing against my Axioms at all, I just am going for a certain look. If I put the front L-C-R speakers behind acoustically transparent material to the sides (Left and Right) and below (Center) this would be the same placement as if they were in front of the screen. The concern is that sound could end up bouncing around behind the screen since it can't "get out" from that part of the wall.

The real wall (vs. false wall that will hold the screen) will be treated with bass traps in the corners and acoustically absorbent material everywhere else. So maybe it isn't so much the sound "bouncing around" behind the screen, but simply that it can't get out from there and is blocked.

I am going for a "clean" front wall look like this:

Here is a "behind the scenes" view...

My "false wall" would be more minimalistic that this with more space to the sides and below the screen for the speakers to be placed.

Farewell - June 4, 2020