Okay everyone, you’ve had time to get your best names ready for the Axiom Amps, I know it! As suggested by Ken in our last contest, this time around it’s a limit of three entries per person. (And since we’re all fine upstanding Axiomoes, we understand that that doesn’t mean create 27 new accounts on the Axiom Message Boards to get all your names entered!) Please take a minute to look over the amplifier pages to get a sense of the product, and then hit us with your best shot!

The 1000
The 1250
The 1500

The prize will be your choice of one pair of M3 Algonquin Outdoor Speakers, one pair of M3 Bookshelf Speakers, or Axiom Bucks in the amount of $368; whichever you prefer. Void where prohibited by law or the bounds of good taste.

Contest ends May 15th – hurry and get your one brilliant, golden, pithy jewel-of-an-entry in!
Amie Colquhoun
Axiom Audio