Wondering if anyone would know how to address the issue of Audyssey turning the subwoofer off completely in an automobile. I have an Alpine CDA-9887 head unit with add on Audyssey unit; I ran Audyssey and it turned the subwoofer completely off and there appears to be no way to increase subwoofer volume via head unit, no response even if it shows sub volume increasing. For quite some time I thought human ear-derived parametric EQ setting and my own sub setting was pretty good and haven't wanted to fuss, but now I perceive that Audyssey actually does a better job of accurate music production in my automobile setting; Audyssey is optimal at lower volumes, which is key to preserve (what's left of) hearing.

The subwoofer is bolted in trunk and the subwoofer amp is installed behind it, so I have been reluctant to investigate.

I realize this may be the wrong forum (Axiom vs Audyssey) but this tends to be the one I turn to for audio advice, due to excellent previous results (SK attempts to butter up audio geniuses or geeks?).

Any thoughts, knowledge, or suggestions?

Thanks guys

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