Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, that's exactly what I meant to say; with Audyssey MultEQ turned off the subwoofer is operating normally, and when MultEQ is turned on, there is no subwoofer output even with the sub turned up all the way via the head unit. I will double check to make sure my memory serves; however, when this problem initially arose I believe the way I checked was to turn the sub up all the way with MultEQ on and walk back to the trunk so I could touch the subwoofer speaker cone and confirm that there were zero vibrations coming out.

I submitted a request to "Ask Audyssey" and they stated the following:

Chris Kyriakakis, Jun 18 10:51 pm (PDT):
Hi Sat,

Audyssey doesn't control the subwoofer content and whether it is on or off. This is done by the Alpine interface. They should be able to help you with this.

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Chris Kyriakakis
Founder and CTO, Audyssey


Skkhalsa, Jun 16 08:44 am (PDT):
When I run Audyssey for my alpine cda 9887 with imprint add on it turns the subwoofer off completely and there is no way to manually increase the volume of the sub via the head unit. Is there a work around for this?

Sat Kartar"

So I guess I need to contact Alpine. I was surprised that Audyssey "doesn't control the subwoofer content" in my particular setup but apparently that's the case. I was going to go back to Car Toys who did the install; however, the sales reps seem clueless about Audyssey, not sure about the technichians or installers.

Will let you know if I get it sorted out.

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