I went from a Harman Kardon 3600 to a Denon 4311. I ran Audyssey XT32 but the crossover point were very different than the ones I was normally using on the 3600. On the 3600 I was using 40hz for M60, 80hz for the VP150 and 100hz for my QS8s. I am also using two subwoofers STF-2 from HSU.

With the Denon 4311CI Audyssey choose 60hz for the VP150, 80hz for the QS8s and Full Band for the M60. It sounds good but Im just wondering if there is no problem with the M60 set to Full Band (whatever that means on audyssey). My QS8s sound much better now with that crossover point on them.

M60v1 w/2xUPA-1,VP160,QS8v1,4xM3(Ceiling),1xHSU STF2,DenonX5200,PS4,XboxONE"