Well my CD changer is finally giving out and I am looking to replace it with a 5-Disc SACD changer. From my research I have found a few that combine DVD playback with SACD, but haven't found many. Ideally I would like this equipment to playback SACD and DVD audio as well. My stereo receiver is old and eventually I plan to replace it with surround capability so I am not against the most recent technology. I am using the M80's v3 with a decent sub and have a couple of small floor standing celestions I'll be using for surround for now. I am looking to spend no more than $250 and so far it seems that a Sony DVP-NC875V/B is closely matched to my needs. I am willing to pay a bit more if necessary, but not much...I rarely if ever watch movies on DVD (at least for now). Recommendations please!