Lee, good to hear from you again. As you've probably found in your research, there are very few units available that meet your requirements. CD/DVD changers are available, but SACD play narrows the choices and DVD-A makes them almost disappear. Many previously made have been discontinued and are available, if at all, only used.

I use mega-changers for music play, but if I wanted one similar to what you need, I'd probably consider the Onkyo DV CP802 which was reviewed here , and try "sammy" for the buy. This does include DVD-A play and goes the Sony one disc better.

Incidentally, I'm now studying the Nordic romantics beyond the Grieg, Nielsen and Sibelius I've been familiar with. Got a bunch of Atterberg, Langgaard, Pettersson and Rangstrom symphony discs from the various libraries I have access to. So far, Langgaard is an interesting discovery and a particular gem is the Pettersson 7th . If you're not familiar with these works it might be worthwhile to give them a listen.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.