Thanks to all for your recommendations. Regarding Alan's comment...I still see several SACD formatted discs in the classical genre that have recently been released and continue to be, so I still think it viable for me. It was Alan's comments I read many months ago that convinced me to try surround for music in the first place (I have yet to purchase a surround receiver but it will come at some point in the future). My SACD collection is growing and I do have some DVD-A discs as well so I think I will investigate John's recommendations, and yes, I have only found used units on Amazon and ebay. Hi John, I am familiar to some degree Atterberg. The others you mention I know of but either I don't remember them or haven't heard them...yet. Actually I am getting into more of the American composers like Chadwick, Piston, Hansen, Harris and started to listen to the Ives symphonies and works. I've resisted many of the English/Irish composers in the past so Vaughn Williams, Walton, Bax, Elgar, Stanford and others I am now exploring, especially their symphonies and a few concerti. I'm a late comer to some of these composer's works, and I have played many pieces by Elgar, Walton, Vaughn Williams, Britten, Holst and others, but not the symphonies. I'm also on the search for 18th century works from lesser known (at least to me) composers and found a great reference in an older issue of Gramophone Magazine with a very comprehensive listing. Enjoy your search and discovery!