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Chess, I have a 55" panny plasma in my great room. It has a non-glare screen. This particular room has a lot of windows. I love the plasma. Motion handling is excellent, as well as deep blacks / contrast. I do not believe any of the LCD's can match plasma with regards to contrast and inky blacks. I have an LED LCD in my work out room, and think it sucks in comparison to the plasma. Downside to plasmas is they are big and heavy and consume more energy.

What location are the windows relative to the tv?
The worst case you can have is a window directly opposite to the flat glossy glass of these damn things.

I very much prefer what plasma does for colours, blacks and off axis viewing for sure. I hate plasma for its significantly greater electricity consumption.
And of course, virtually all plasma tvs have a glossy screen whereas i have found a few LED with matte screens, but there seems to be quite the array of reviews in which none of these units produced a uniform picture, or had edge light bleed, or....
Would i notice those minor things compared to the sensitivity i have to the motion artifacts?
I can't say.

I am narrowing down some sense of a list, but i think we may have to just head into a Best Buy, pickup any old LED 40" around $1k and bring it home to test out just how bad these reflections might be and start with that knowing i can bring it back for an exchange or outright return fairly easily.

Maybe i'm making too much about the possibility of annoying reflections, but we have a LCD panel with a matte finish presently and on a sunny day the light through the non-opaque, translucent bauge cloth blinds is enough to wash out some of the screen.
I can just imagine what it would be like to try and watch the tv with a glossy shiny surface under these conditions.
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