Hello All: I've visited this forum for a few years now. It has been informative and enlightening and I enjoy reading the postings and learning. But many respondents on this forum have technical and specific demands for equipment well beyond my own.

I've been debating with myself for many months which AVR to buy. I've gone from considering Arcams, B&K's, NADs, Rotels, Cambridge's to Denons, Pioneers and now I am looking at the Marantz 5007. I am not technical and have little interest in the intricacies, bells and whistles associated with setting up and listening to anything near a cinema-house quality theatre in my home. I do not listen to music at reference levels, the M80's sound just fine at the volume I set and I can compensate for the lack of bass at lower listening levels by adjusting my old but decent subwoofer. I would just like to set up a decent 5.1 system. I have enough other speakers for now that will suffice to create the 5.1 system. My first investment in this new venture commenced about two years ago when I bought a pair of M80v3's. I am very happy with them. My next task is to buy a surround receiver, but after reading so much on the subject here and on other forums I've been "gun shy" with all the technical issues that could arise. It is not like the old days which were more "plug 'n play" like my present 1980's vintage Denon stereo receiver which I am using with fine results @ 55 watts per channel.

OK, long story to set the context. I am coming to you my friends, to suggest a surround AVR with about 80-100 watts per channel (driven simultaneously) that is simple in set-up (or at least user friendly). Most of my use for the system will be for music...about 90%. I do wish to have the ability to watch movies and have the benefit of their effects. I suppose I could buy an older receiver that would probably be simpler to set up and sound very well, but I do wish to have some up-to-date decoding software (my present DVD has very little to offer in this respect). I have no gadgets or games of any kind I wish to plug into the receiver. I do expect that the receiver will have options I won't use, that isn't a problem, I expect that. I am willing to pay up to $800. Also I only have a 23" Samsung HD TV for now. I will be buying a new TV as well, probably Plasma...about 55"-60". It may or may not be 3D, price and quality will determine the kind of purchase I will make. I don't think 3D pass-through is necessary unless it just comes with the receiver suggested.

Which surround receiver do you suggest for simplicity of set-up with the power I desire? I am completely open to any suggestions and certainly can change my mind to the parameters I've set for my projected system based on any feedback given. Be kind...I'm a simple man looking for the right fit for me. Thanks to you all.

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