I've been an electric blues guy for the longest time & still am; however, since I bought a SACD player last summer, I've branched out into jazz as it is so widely available on SACD. I really like fusion (modern?) such as Spyro Gyra whose SACDs are some of the finest, fullest sounding recordings that I've ever experienced.

Similarly, through my Shortwave listening - Cuba, Brazil, etc, - I've come to like latin jazz (samba, mambo, salsa) with their wonderful percussion sections. I have some big band stuff as well & it is quite impressive; however, I find that they tend to overdo the amount of vocal tunes as I prefer mostly instrumentals.

An interesting recent jazz release (DVD & CD combo) is Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton 'play the blues'. Wonderful live concert that demonstrates the prowess of both players plus Wynton's great band.

The only female singer that I follow is 'Sade' - I never tire of her first 3 albums of 20 years ago - but her newer stuff not as much. I don't know if her music can be classified as jazz, but it sure is a unique & wonderful sound that has been superbly recorded. Unfortunately, I find Krall & Jones to be rather boring - just not my taste I guess...