Just though I'd revive this thread as it helped convince me that I do need to start drinking more whisky, as the doctor said. Having grown up on Royal Reserve and other people's Crown Royal, I didn't really have a high opinion of whisky; would try to drown the taste with ginger ale. Now that I am older and have more disposable income, I have discovered that better brands exist, and drinking it neat was the preferred option. I've recently picked up a number of the bottles in this thread and on the whisky review site and I never realized how vastly different they all could be. Fortunately for my wallet we have quite a few sales in this town (15 liquor stores for 14,000 people).

I'd just like to say thanks for bringing me back into the fold. I now carry a hip flask of Gibson's everywhere I go.
M80s/VP160/QS8s/EP350; M22s; M3s.