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Now the Tekton Pens and Lore's have been getting some reviews that quite honestly seemed too good to be true. But most disturbing was Eric's (one man show and founder of Tekton Design) horrendously long lead times. Some folks waited for 6 months to get Eric's speakers, I just couldn't do that no matter how good they sound.

I ordered a pair of Pendragons 5 weeks ago! I sure hope I don't have to wait 6 months. But from what I understand, they are well worth the wait.

I'm doing the same thing as you, putting together dedicated 2 channel, full range system (no subwoofer!) and definitely not HT amp powered. I just bought the PrimaLuna Premium Integrated and it rocks. It easily de-bunks the myth that "all amps sound the same". Just perfect mix of modern slam and tube magic. A bargain at twice the price.

I also got a Schiit Gungir DAC for cds/music server. It's pretty amazing also. Although it has only too well pointed out the fallacy that all digital is the same! I get vastly different sound via different transports and even switching between coaxial and toslink on the same machine. I thought digital was perfect all the time?

Now for analog goodness... I'm gonna top off all this off with a VPI Classic 3. An early Christmas present for me and my gal.

'Cause I love my records and she loves to boogie... smile

Nice to see that I'm not alone on the journey to find 2 channel bliss.

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