The discussion about sensitivity and SPL and what-not put me in mind of my first stereo adventures, back in the 70s. My first "serious" stereo was powered by a Sansui amp with Infinity speakers. The speakers had those wonderful EMIT tweeters that sounded glorious but were delicate and inefficient. Unfortunately, in those days I wanted my rock to really kick and I kept blowing those tweeters to smithereens.

So, I changed tactics, sold the Infinities and bought a pair of pro audio speakers from Carvin. They were big, heavy, indestructible, and sported a sensitivity rating of 105 db @ 1 watt @ 1 meter. I hooked 'em up to my 85 watt per channel Sansui and I could rock a gymnasium!

They were by no means audiophile, but they really fit my needs at the time. Sometimes there's just no substitute for volume.

P.S. - I still have the Carvins. I crank them up about once a year to blow the dust out and remind myself of my misspent youth.
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