there is one CD which i had forgotten about, not having listened to it for many many years, but which should be used for demo because of the music itself and for the recording quality as well.

the recording was made in the 70s and later mastered for CD, which is the one i have.

you can have a listen here:

the AQ is superlative and among the very best i've heard in my life, and the playing is also top notch.
playing in Stereo, one thinks it's in Surround.

played with ancient instruments/music from the 17th c.

i don't know if it still can be found, either in LP form or on CD, but i know it's available on p2p in FLAC format (PM me about this if you're interested).

Danses anciennes de Hongrie (ancient hungarian danses);
Clemencic Consort
dir.: René Clemencic
Harmonia Mundi (HM 90.1003)

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