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Just out of curiosity, what are the advantages of a vertical centre? Would you want the rear drivers aimed left or right or up or down?

I'm just thinking of the improved horizontal dispersion.

Why would the rear drivers be aimed anywhere other than straight back? They're slightly angled out on the LFR1100s because of the likely configuration where there's a cabinet or something else in between the mains, but an omnidirectional center would assume open space between the mains.

Ah, better horizontal dispersion in a vertical model. That makes sense! But I think only if the drivers are arranged in a line, no? So that requires a taller cabinet which would move some drivers further from the screen?

I assumed that the back of the LFR cabinets was angled in part to help direct the sound around the cabinets themselves. If so, I'd think it would be more important to have the rear of an omni-directional centre speaker angled also, as it would be more likely to be oriented parallel to the rear wall. (Not to mention that it is likely that a screen located above or below would partially obscure the reflected sound. Thus in my case with a screen below my centre channel, I assume angled up or left and/or right would be good options but down would be bad.) Then again, that WAS just a guess on my part. Perhaps Andrew can help explain what kind of space needs to be available around an omni-directional centre.

Does this warrant a new topic?