A friend of mine is moving and he asked me if I wanted some old audio gear. Duh. Yes. Yes I do. He always buys nice things so I was hoping I might get lucky. He gave me some really beautiful rosewood Bang and Olufson speakers. I am passing those on to a friend, a Dual turntable and a gorgeous gorgeous Luxman receiver, also in rosewood. The stuff is from the late 70's. The Luxman is S E X Y. I have not listened to it yet but it sure looked alluring when I turned it on. I mostly played with the turntable today. It has a cool strobe light built in. In the movie you will see that it is slightly out of adjustment. I had to take the platter off and free up the pitch control. Now it is right on the money. I'll take some pictures of the Luxman soon. I have to wait until the wife is not home. Right now I hid it in the basement.

Here is a little movie.

The speakers:

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