Has anyone used the M3 in-walls in the ceilings for just music? I just ordered a pair (not here yet) to try out hooked to the sonos connect:amp (55w rms x 2) to see how they sound. I have been trying to figure out what speakers I want to use in my house in the ceilings for music. I really like the ease of the sonos and the fact that there are so many music options built in and I can control from my iphone. Will 55w be enough for the m3 in walls? I am not looking for just soft background music...I want it to have nice full sound with some bass. Sometimes I may have them jamming sometimes might be background. For now I am going to just stand them up on top of some cabinets in my current house to see how they sound in a few rooms. I am building a house that I plan to install a few pairs and im trying to pick the what I want now so I can buy them a few at a time. I like the idea of the axioms already having the box attached already...I guess that would allow them to have better bass. Just want to hear what yall think or if anyone has then in a NON HT setup.

I already have one of the sonos boxs hooked to some Algonquins on my back porch and they sounds pretty good. I have to turn up the volume pretty high to get the sound I want but im guessing thats because they are outside. The bass is pretty good but they are ported on the back and the way they are hung that port can reflect off the overhang of the back porch. I dont know if thats going to give me more bass than what ill get out of the in-walls installed.