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Wasn't scifi? Space ships, aliens, cars that fly? Scifi!

OK, not good, but then again neither is Dr. Who and a bunch of you all like that stuff. Don't get me wrong, I tried to watch it. But a few years ago, I watched as some cheesy "plastic monster" and mannequins coming to life. Then the aliens that looked like people but had zippers up their backs and farted all of the time. Yeah, that is quality TV right there. After 4 episodes, I quit.

I think your ranting at the wrong person. Poor Fred isn't a Doctor Who fan, (Well maybe he is and I just don't know it.) and since I'm assuming you are 'mostly' venting at me, I never said that the movie "failed". I just said I recalled not liking it but I was even willing to try it again....

I'll give you one thing though. That mannequin Season 1 episode was a disaster. I refuse to acknowledge it exists. WEll, except this once and only to say it shouldn't exist. In fact, I too struggled with the first several episodes but eventually, the imaginative story lines and the witty banter grew on me.

The semi-modernized monster costumes have a certain bit of cheesiness remaining in them on purpose to honor the original series that was famous for it's super low budget effects. It's a balance effect that tips the scale in one direction or the other sometimes. Too modern the hard core fans complain, too cheesy, people like you complain. wink

I like it, you hate it. That's what I love about the world. Diversty. All is good.
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