Yes, there is movie thread somewhere but I'm thinking this film deserves its own thread and it deserves to be in the "Home Theater" section or at least it soon will, some day.

Sharon and I went to see it over the weekend. It was actually pretty exiting, (not two hours of floating around space and sappy character break down, as I was concerned it might be.) However, the reason I bring it here is because it will absolutely be the new 'standard' for demoing your HT when it comes out in Blu-Ray

I hate cliches, but saying that "the visuals are absolutely stunning," is truly the best way to describe it. I was in a 'normal' theater and within the first minute of the opening scene, I had to remind myself I wasn't in an IMAX. The sound was 'probably' equally amazing, but honestly, other than a few surround sound moments, the visuals stole the show so I'd probably have to watch it again to concentrate on the sound and offer a review on that.

There were a small number of cool 3-D scenes but it was obvious that they put a lot of work into making sure the 3-D blurries did not detract from things when they wanted to concentrate on a wide angle, spectacle shot.

I won't spend a lot of time trying to describe it further. Perhaps the best testament to how visually amazing this movie is, would be the fact that there were times when the entire theater stopped crunching thier popcorn and just stared. Complete crowd silence!! That never happens around here. Well, all except that one fat guy in my row who looked like Comic Book Guy from Simpsons, but he really stood out as a an annoying distraction because he was the only one. In a way though, he made me realize that the rest of the theater was either too "jaw dropped" or fascinated to lift a finger.

In short, just go see it. If nothing else, the scenery is worth the price of admission. If you wait for home TV viewing, you will regret not seeing it, just once, on a theater sized screen.
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