I'm pretty new to all this so I need a little advice on the placement of the subwoofer. I have just purchased a new samsung 75" 8000 series TV. Then I'm pairing it with the Axiom Epic 60.350 speaker system. I'm putting the TV on a three shelf open shelf stand that will be placed diagonally across a corner of the room. The M60 towers will be on either side of the TV and the VP150 center speaker will be directly below on the center shelf (surrounds out to the other corners of the room).
My question is on the subwoofer. Since the open shelf unit will sit diagonally, there is space behind the shelf unit to put the subwoofer and let the sound flow through the shelf unit. As an alternative, I can put the subwoofer to the side. Would putting the subwoofer behind the shelf unit significantly impair it's performance?
Jeff T.